El Món
The 11-S National Day will show that everything is “ready” for the Republic

The ANC and Òmnium want to show on the National Day on September 11 that everything is “ready” for the Republic. The presidents of the sovereignty organisations, Jordi Sànchez and Jordi Cuixart, have presented the details of the 11-S demonstration along with Oriol Codina, the coordinator of the ANC’s demonstration commission.

The organisations intend to give the feeling during 11-S that the Catalan nation “is in movement”. Thus, the ANC, Òmnium, and all the organisations and associations that are part of organising the National Day will symbolise “the whole country moving together towards a common objective.” Moreover, the demonstration on the National Day is also to show the whole of Catalonia doing “the same thing with the same aim.”

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