The leader of Unidos Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, said he was convinced that there will be no third general election, after his meeting with the King of Spain, Felipe VI.

In a news conference, the secretary general of Podemos suggested that the PP candidate, Mariano Rajoy, will refuse the king’s proposal of an investiture debate, on the grounds of not having enough support.

The “unprecedented” stalemate situation, according to Iglesias, will lead C’s to turn its abstention to a vote in favour of the PP, which will give PSOE an excuse to abstain and allow the PP to form a government.

Finally, Iglesias stated that “what happened yesterday in Catalonia” -in reference to the vote on the conclusions of the working group on the Constituent Process- makes it difficult for PSOE to reach an investiture agreement with the new PDC and ERC parties.

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