In 2014, Catalonia was the third autonomous community in terms of contributing tax revenue, but tenth in terms of resources per capita received after the implementation of the the state funding model. That is according to a statement by from the economy and tax department that includes data from the treasury.

Specifically, Catalonia contributed 17.6% more than the community average and received 2% less from the State. In terms of its tax contribution, Catalonia was only behind Madrid and the Balearic Islands, and once the current funding system was implemented, fell to tenth place, behind Cantabria, Rioja, Extremadura, Aragon, Castile-Leon, Asturies, Galicia, Castile-La Mancha and the Balearic Islands.

According to the economy and tax department, this confirms the trend in the 2010-2013 period, in which Catalonia fell between 7 and 8 relative places after implementing the current funding model. The department also pointed out that given the cost of living, Catalonia in real terms dropped 11 places, from third to fourteenth.

The data from the treasury headed by Cristóbal Montoro, processed by the economy and tax department shows, says the Catalan government, that “the mechanisms of redistribution used by the Spanish funding system are based on an arbitrary distribution of resources.” Also, the Catalan government points out that while Catalonia fell seven places, other autonomous communities with a tax capacity that is much lower received more resources per capita than Catalonia.

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