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The Catalan Parliament could penalise MPs who act out of personal interest or who accept gifts

The Regulation Commission of the Catalan Parliament on Monday passed the first MPs Code of Conduct, which foresees fines of up to 12,000 euros in cases that infringe its articles, among which are acting out of personal interest or accepting gifts worth more than 150 euros.

The initiative, reported by Europa Press, is the result of transparency legislation and defines the basic principles to which MPs have to adhere at all times, among which are integrity, honourable conduct, objectivity, impartiality, transparency, responsibility and frugality.

One of the new principles of the Code of Conduct focuses on conflicts of interest: until now only the MPs own personal activities were covered, but this has now been widened to include second-degree relatives.

MPs will have to abstain in decisions that have a direct relationship with issues that involve their family members to a second degree and, in suspicious cases, the Parliamentary Bureau could ask for specific information.

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