The next few months will be decisive in wrapping up the process, and so a strategic change is required. That was the message from the president of the Generalitat, Carles Puigdemont, who warned that “independence will be achieved through rigour or won’t be achieved at all.” To his understanding, the independence movement has to keep “this reflection” in mind “in the final straight”, and that “we cannot only pay attention to the noise meter, as we have already made a lot of noise, and those who have not heard us do not want to, we can’t mobilise more people than we already have!” exclaimed Puigdemont.

The president added that “now we have to judge ourselves according to the rigour meter, we have to show people that we have reached the highest peaks of rigour, and we have to ask them to come with us and give us their trust,” said the president at the presentation of a study on the viability of independence published by the Revista de Catalunya. Puigdemont insisted that “we have done our homework, and we should not fear asking for people’s trust, because everything we do is based on well-done and rigorous studies.”

Puigdemont also had a message for the future Spanish government: “Face your main problem before the ship has sailed. Anyone who aspires to govern Spain has to understand the dimensions of what is happening here,” he warned. Finally, Puigdemont made a call to explain to the public that “we are set on making a viable country, and it is indispensable that this country be economically viable, because it will be a debate we will have with those who are against the process.”

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