The plenary session of the Catalan parliament next week, the last before the recess, will debate admitting the bill for the first of three “secession” laws proposed by JxSí and CUP. Specifically, the law foresees the creation of the Catalan Agency of Social Protection, according to the chamber in a statement.

With this law, the sovereignty parties want to foster Catalan social security in preparation for possible independence in order to manage social benefits, among which are key subsidies currently under the jurisdiction of the Spanish State, such as unemployment benefit and pensions.

The opposition parties have already announced they will propose an amendment, but JxSí and CUP have a large enough majority to pass the bill’s first reading and to get the law through parliament.

Four other legislative debates will also be held: on the partial recovery of civil servants’ bonus payments from 2012, the law governing the maximum response time for health services –put forward by PP– the adaptation of the “law of vegueries” in the county of Moianès and Penedès and a popular initiative on cannabis consumer associations.

Apart from establishing the order of the day, the parliamentary bureau (Mesa) and board of spokesman have also set the calendar of plenary sessions for the next term following the summer recess: the first will be on 20th, 21st and 22nd September, and the last on 20th, 21st and 22nd December.

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